Update. I won an 2021 RTS for this!

I had exclusive access to over 40 hours of operations to separate twin boys Derman and Yigit, joined at the head. I well up every time I watch this as it brings back all those memories. Edited by Matthew Welham. VO Victoria Macdonald.

“Dave did an amazing job following the surgeons and family over 6 months – he blended into the background and got such amazing moments in the surgery.”
Louise Turner, Commissioning Editor, Channel 4 News.

“It’s absolutely extraordinary, this film. An extraordinary story and an extraordinary testament to you that half way through the operation the surgeon turns to you and says your name. It was a moment that showed the intimacy you had with him. I was literally sobbing like a baby watching that. Absolutely amazing, extraordinary.”
Ben De Pear, Editor, Channel 4 News.

“What a brilliant piece of journalism and such a deeply moving report. Wow – well done Dave and Matt. Beautiful film.”
Louisa Compton, Head of News and Current Affairs, Channel 4.

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