I’m a photographer turned film-maker. My first film won a Channel 4 documentary award in 2007. Since 2019 I’ve mostly been making films for Channel 4 News Indy Film Fund, winning Royal Television Society awards in 2020, 2021 and 2022 (x2). I’ve also shot documentaries for BBC, ITV and US broadcasters.

Dave is an incredibly talented and very natural filmmaker – telling stories that really get under the skin of Britain. He handles sensitive subjects so carefully and pulls together very raw, honest and really moving pieces. From leading surgeons to people in homeless shelters, Dave puts contributors at their ease and earns their trust and people feel able to open up and share their most private experiences and stories with him. His film from Rhyl is still the piece I send out to others as an example of the sort of films I am looking for. But Rhyl is just one of many exceptional pieces he has produced: conjoined twins; cancer poverty; Covid poverty and Covid-Are We Winning The Battle – an hour long documentary for C4, all worthy of special mention. When we made a fast turnaround Dispatches during the 2020 American Elections, Dave almost single-handedly turned around what felt like an obs doc in just two days. He is dedicated, hard-working and a thoroughly nice chap who deserves every success.

Louise Turner, Commissioning Editor, Film Fund, Channel 4 News.